How to Use This Site

This site contains model letters that you can easily copy and paste into an e-mail or your word processor. The letters here are in black against a white background to make that copying* easier.

The current campaign is to support the Idle No More movement by sending letters to 

1. Mailed Primary Letter:  Members of Parliament, 

2. E-Letter to Media: Your local newspaper or TV station, and

3. Susan Supports Spence: Friends and colleagues to explain the issue.

*Copy and paste Instructions:
1. Click on "Primary Letter" or "Letter to Media" above.
2. Highlight the text of the letter by holding down the left button on your mouse and dragging it across and down the page. Make sure you include the link to our web page.
3. Right click on the highlighted letter and choose "Copy".
4. Open your e-mail site and click on your "compose" or "send a letter" option. When the send box pops up click in the space where text
usually occurs and then right click and choose paste.
5.  You can now add names, sign the letter and personalize it in other ways.
6.  Make sure the link to our web page is included at the  bottom of your e-mail.

You can contact the Site Administrator or the RODC Steering Committee by e-mailing us at this address (or by copying our e-mail address from the header into your particular e-mail software).